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Welcome Friends,

Here I will be able to provide you with information pertaining to my completed works, new upcoming projects, as well as any news on my journey to getting them published.

As some of you are already aware,I tend to lean toward writing in the arena of magic/witchery/paranormal.
Anything that pertains to the mystical and unexplainable realm, you can count me in.
I find that I am able to incorporate love into the mix of the supernatural when I write. It is stimulating and enthralling for me.  However, I certainly do not close my mind to other subjects. After all, when you compose fiction, the doors are always open.

My goal as a writer is to deliver what you want to read. I want to have you on the edge of your seat while anticipating the next turn of the page. My site will contain uploads of my written works, (after all the entire premise is to showcase my novels), but it will also contain so much more than just pages from my books.  When my readers check-in, they may capture character backgrounds of my prominent literary figures. Visitors will also be able to check out photos of said characters, (quite possibly photos uploaded by my followers of what they imagine the character should look like). The sky is the limit, and my contact page should be viewed as an opportunity to offer any comments and suggestions you might feel would make the experience at The Author Michelle WebPages one worth revisiting.


The Author Michelle